~ Gothic Lolita Wigs wig vs Bodyline wig Review ~

Hi everyone!
After a few months saving up, I got myself some new wigs since I’m really enjoying switching drastically between hairstyles whenever I wish. ^^
I got 1 from Gothic Lolita Wigs and 2 from Bodyline.

Firstly, my Gothic Lolita Wigs wig. I ordered the Wavy Pink & Blue blend in the shorter style. Their longer wigs that I own are getting hard to manage, so this time I went for the version which wasn’t so long.
My package arrived one week after order. The wig came with a free peach-coloured wigcap, which was nice. Last time I ordered from them they gave me a stronger, netted wigcap so I assume their stock changes with these freebies.

The wig parts came in protective nets and bag. When I took the clip-on ponytails out, I noticed they had thick elastic threads sticking out of the clasps. Looked messy, but were easily tucked away by looping them around the teeth grips.

The wig as a whole is such a pretty pastel mix. The pink and blue are blended deliciously together, like a swirled sundae ice cream.

It’s very thick and lucious, and the base cap is strong and durable with adjustable straps hidden inside. The pigtail extensions will stay clasped to the cap all day thanks to their super-strong grip. It’s also important to mention that the wigs are heat-resitant and water resistant, so can be easily styled when the curls start to lose their flair.

The fringe came very long so you can choose to either wear it side-swept or trim it to become straight bangs. I personally got brave, took a pair of small, sharp scissors and carefully snipped at the fringe to get straight bangs. The fringe is layered and thick, so it takes patience and care if you are planning to do the same.

My other GLW wigs are of the same great quality so I was very content with my purchase, and would like to order from them again sometime. :)

The wigs I got from Bodyline were about 3 times cheaper, but obviously had less extravagance to them. I got this one in "dbrwblk" and this one in "wtblu". Last year, I had ordered a cheap short bob wig from Bodyline and the quality of it was comparable to Gothic Lolita Wigs, so I was not unsure about ordering wigs from BL again.
They arrived just 5 days after order (wow!!) by AIR mail. They both came in protective nets and bags like GLW wigs, but they did not come with free wig cap. (Didn’t expect them to though)

Both wigs are the exact same style- long, subtly-curled at the ends with straight bangs. They’re a little less thick than GLW’s wigs, but still very thick and soft, lucious and look just like real hair. I did not have to cut the bangs. I am unsure if these wigs are heat/water-resistant like GLW’s wigs, since the site nor the product came with instructions. But they did both come with a very strong, netted base cap and adjustable straps just like GLW’s.

The first wig is a very dark sweet brown, I was really happy with how it looked on me!! ^_^ I advise using a dark wig cap underneath and not a pale skin-toned one, as it can be a tad noticeable occasionally.

The second wig I bought hoping to be a mint colour, and it didn’t dissapoint. I expected it to be a little more green, but it’s still definately of mint tone. I tested to see if you could tie this wigs up into bunches, and you very easily can! (I love pigtails…)

So in conclusion?
I highly reccommend both stores for wigs. :D
Gothic Lolita Wigs’ wigs are pricey, but of incredibly good quality and they come in such a delicious range of styles and colour blends they can be hard to resist.
Bodyline’s wigs are wonderful quality for very cheap prices, you can easily pick up nice casual styles for under £20.
I highly suggest you buy more casual wigs or bobs from Bodyline instead of GLW because their prices are much, much cheaper; but if you want a more perosnalized, decorative and versitile wig then Gothic Lolita Wigs is definately the place to go. ^_^

Hope this review was helpful! Byeeee!


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